Student at Penn State.
20 years of personhood.
I'm Darren's Jess Jess*
{ Hogwarts }

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if you didnt read it in his voice youre lying

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I would pay infinite money to see a Starkid musical ABOUT Starkid

but instead of all the Starkids playing themselves

they would play each other

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The biggest plot twist in StarKid history


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If you don't mind recapping how you became so enamored with Klaine?



I did the Starkid thing. The curly hobbit did the Glee thing. I watched to support the Starkid hobbit thing. The hobbit and the prince gazed at each other amongst a room of boys in blazers. I shipped the thing until I couldn’t properly function in society.

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"Making AVPM was a beauitful, innocent, joyful journey. It will always hold a speical place in my heart. Thank YOU for making these last 5 years so…okay #OkayIsWonderful #5yravpm

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This is the best thing that’s happened to me in a loooong time. I love seeing all of them together. <3


This is the best thing that’s happened to me in a loooong time. I love seeing all of them together. <3

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Gravitas Ventures has made a movie called Bad Johnson that is so clearly a plagiarism of Starkid’s Me And My Dick. It’s unbelievable how they didn’t even tried to hide it… Maybe they didn’t think Starkid was famous enough for someone to notice?

I don’t know if Starkid has the means or the money to sue them or something, which is the main reason why I’m so mad right now. I can’t believe someone did this to our guys.

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In a very far future, Darren's grandson finds his gramps' old twitter

Grandson: Gramps I found your old twitter. You're location says 'Pigfarts'. Where is Pigfarts?
Darren: (picks up the young boy and settles him in his lap) Once upon a time there was a boy on a stage...
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