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So I met Chris Colfer today and he was real cute and sweet. I asked him what Hogwarts houses Conner and Alex would be in (to which he first replied, “oooh no one’s ever asked me that before,” with Alla in the back saying, “that’s a good question.”) and he said Alex would be in Ravenclaw and Conner would be in Gryffindor. I then asked him about Kurt and, to my deep disappointment, he said, “Oh, Kurt would definitely be in Slytherin.” I literally clutched my heart and said, “no,” under my breath when he said this because, like, I’ve been going against that fandom sorting for four years and Harry Potter did not die for you to put Kurt Hummel in Slytherin, but anyway, He has spoken so it is law I guess. He laughed at my reaction and as I was walking away I heard Alla saying, “She said no,” and laughing. 

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3.07 // 5.15

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I (barely) survived the Chris Colfer Twitter Hack of 2014.

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Hillary Clinton’s reaction to meeting Chris Colfer at The Grove.


Hillary Clinton’s reaction to meeting Chris Colfer at The Grove.

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Chris on set filming Hot in Cleveland

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Round 2 of “Brain Busters: Glee Edition” (x)

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Things CHRISTOPHER PAUL COLFER remembered this episode (Old Dog, New Tricks Edition)


  • Snix (oh, how I have missed that nickname!)
  • Sam plays guitar. 
  • Kurt is better than just being everyone’s cheerleader and handholder.
  • To explain why Dani and Elliot suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth.
  • Kurt+pulling focus
  • Kurt is a countertenor
  • KURT!!!
  • The Fauxhuahua
  • Hummelberry is not usually a healthy relationship(very one-sided)
  • Sam once took care of his family.
  • Sam was homeless once.
  • That Sam is more than an airhead. (He made me like Sam again)
  • Kurt lost his mom at 8.
  • Kurt is the most important thing to Blaine
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